Villa Elise – a Gem in Diegem


2000 m2


13 units


park garden


easy access


E-level <30


central location


Welcome to Villa Elise, a stunning real estate project located on Sint-Korneliusstraat in Diegem. Discover the perfect harmony between sustainability and quality within three small residential blocks, surrounded by lush greenery.

One major asset is the spacious communal park garden. This green haven, exclusively accessible to residents, provides an oasis of peace in the midst of nature. The apartments at Villa Elise have been designed with a focus on sustainability and modern living, incorporating elements such as solar panels, underfloor heating, and heat pumps, ensuring maximum comfort with minimal environmental impact and reduced energy costs.

Villa Elise is situated in the heart of Diegem, just steps away from schools, bakeries, cafes, and restaurants, and very close to the church tower and municipal park. Enjoy the vibrant village life here without compromising on serene green surroundings.

Did you know?: Elise, a name inspired by an exceptional villa in "Dieghem"

The name of our project pays homage to Villa Elise, a historical building in Diegem with a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. Built in 1900 on Leuvensesteenweg, this villa is renowned for its architectural magnificence and regional heritage significance.

The history of Villa Elise begins in the early 20th century when this sumptuous residence was erected for an affluent family. Sporting an eclectic style, the villa combines various architectural elements to create a unique and attractive ensemble.

Originally known as “Villa Elise,” it was later renamed “Villa Marie-Charlotte,” probably in reference to the owners’ spouses. A notary resided there for many years, and during World War II, it was a German Command Office. Later, it served as a post office, then transformed into a cafe-restaurant before becoming the current “Fly Inn Hotel & Lounge.”

Today, Villa Elise remains a precious cultural and architectural treasure for Diegem. It is cherished as a historical gem, evoking an era of elegance and grandeur. It testifies to the beautiful architecture and rich heritage of the region, remaining a notable site along Leuvensesteenweg.


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Green Apartements

The apartments at Villa Elise embody true dream residences, combining elegance and comfort with a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Fully enjoy the outdoors from your private terrace or balcony, which proves to be the perfect space to relax in a lush setting.

Villa Elise offers spacious apartments with a contemporary design, adorned with high-end finishes and incorporating sustainable technologies. Only top-quality materials have been used, including Daikin heat pumps and Miele kitchen appliances. Large windows flood the spaces with natural light, providing stunning panoramas, while we further reduce energy consumption through high-performance glazing and thick insulation. Wrapped in lush greenery and landscaped gardens, Villa Elise offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, in perfect harmony with the environment.

Ref.FloorBedroomAreaTerr. + GardenPrice*StatusPlan
A 0.102104,1 m244,2 + 36,4 m2364.820 €For salePDF
A 0.202103,0 m244,2 + 35,7 m2361.275 €For salePDF
A 1.1+ 12104,1 m27 m2327.000 €For salePDF
A 1.2+ 13117,7 m27 m2367.800 €For salePDF
A 2.1+ 23118,1 m27 m2381.300 €For salePDF
A 2.2+ 22103,7 m27 m2336.660 €For salePDF
A 3.1+ 32124,6 m281 m2499.733 €For salePDF
B 0.102104,1 m255,1 + 64,7 m2384.535 €For salePDF
B 1.1+ 12119,8 m224,7 m2386.100 €For salePDF
B 2.1+ 22119,8 m224,7 m2398.932 €For salePDF
C 0.102108,3 m240,0 + 261,7 m2424.155 €For salePDF
C 1.1+ 12119,8 m224,7 m2386.100 €For salePDF
C 2.1+ 22119,8 m224,7 m2398.932 €For salePDF

* Prices are exclusive of VAT and fees. Garages for sale separately, prices on request.

Garages and Bicycle Storage

The "Villa Elise" project offers the option to purchase one or more underground parking spaces. We provide the opportunity to install a charging station for electric vehicle owners. Additionally, sheltered bike storage is also made available for residents.

For information about availability and pricing of garages, please contact our real-estate agent.

Our Commitment – Reducing Your Energy Bill to Almost Zero

Sustainable construction is an investment in our future and that of our children. At Immodroom, we don't settle for today's standards; we aim for those of tomorrow.

A sustainable lifestyle doesn't necessarily come with high costs. It begins with choosing an optimal location and smart design, followed by the application of appropriate techniques and the use of high-quality, sustainable materials. This is precisely where the Immodroom team excels, leveraging years of expertise in the construction sector.

We always build according to NZE (Nearly Zero Energy) directives, meaning an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of maximum 30. To achieve this, we incorporate thick insulation in all facades and roofs, and we construct to make our structures completely airtight. The remaining energy requirements are met through renewable energy sources. Each block is equipped with solar panels on the roof, and each house features a heat pump, in combination with underfloor heating and ventilation with heat recovery.


Did you know that with Villa Elise's E-level of 30, you benefit
from 50% reduction on your property tax the first 5 years?

Partly reduced VAT rate of 6%

Anyone who starts a new-build home purchase project is usually subject to a VAT rate of 21 percent on both building materials and labor hours. However, in the case of demolition of an existing building with the aim of building a new apartment complex home, under certain conditions one can still benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 6 percent, which entails significant financial benefits, i.e. a saving of as much as 15%. Until the end of 2023, two different schemes apply, depending on the location of the plot (within or outside city centers). At the budget review in October 2023, the government decided to review these arrangements. From 2024, one permanent scheme will come into effect that applies nationally, but with stricter conditions.

Fortunately, the current budget agreement provides for a transitional arrangement for projects for which the environmental permit was applied for before July 1, 2023. Insofar as it concerns the buyer's sole, owner-occupied home with an area of up to 200 square meters, all work can be invoiced or paid for at the reduced VAT rate of 6 percent until the end of 2024. This is therefore still 100% applicable to our "De Drij Coningen" project, which is expected to be fully completed in the first half of 2024. The reduced VAT of 6% also partly applies to our project “Villa Elise” in Diegem. The number of installments that can still be paid at 6% depends on the start and progress of the works.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding this measure or visit the relevant federal government web page. There you can find a list of detailed answers to frequently asked questions. Given the temporary nature of this measure, it's important to decide promptly!

Click here for more information about this temporary VAT reduction and numerous other fiscal optimizations.

Location – a Dream Setting

Experience life amidst green surroundings at Villa Elise, situated at the heart of Diegem. Its ideal and central location makes all desired facilities quickly accessible. This is why we boast a very high Mobiscore of 8.8 out of 10 for this location. The Mobiscore assesses the ease of access to important facilities or places, whether by foot, public transportation, or bicycle.

Schools and Supermarkets Around the Corner

A nursery and primary school, a sports hall, the municipal park, and the center of Diegem are within walking distance. A secondary school is also located less than 400 meters away.

In the immediate vicinity of Villa Elise, you'll find bakeries and a butcher, as well as an Okay, Lidl, Bioplanet, and Carrefour Express.

Larger supermarkets such as Delhaize, Albert Heijn, Carrefour, and Aldi are all within three kilometers.

A Vibrant Lifestyle, Between City and Nature

Diegem is renowned for its gastronomic scene, offering a variety of restaurants with diverse international cuisines. From authentic Belgian dishes to Mediterranean delights and Asian flavors, everyone can find something to enjoy. Nearby, the restaurant Mismo, located just around the corner, offers an exceptional gastronomic experience, as do several Italian restaurants a bit further away.

The municipality is also filled with cozy cafes and welcoming bars, inviting you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, a quick beverage, or a drink with friends. A few steps from Villa Elise, local bars ‘t Stopsel and De Milde await you.

Moreover, Diegem is also known for its cyclocross, creating a unique atmosphere and ensuring a lively ambiance near Villa Elise.


Food & Beverages







Smooth Mobility in All Directions

Villa Elise combines the benefits of a strategic location with exceptional access through various means of transportation, providing residents with a diverse and flexible range of mobility options tailored to their lifestyle and needs.

The project is ideally situated near major roadways, just 2 minutes from the R22 (Steenokkerzeel-Diegem) and 5 minutes from the E19 (Brussels-Antwerp). This ensures a smooth and direct connection to the national road network.

Diegem is also well-equipped with bike paths connected to the regional cycling network. Residents can easily get to nearby facilities or the train station. Wide cycling paths along the Woluwelaan now form a secure route from Diegem to Machelen and Vilvoorde through the cycling tunnel under the highway exchange. Additionally, Villa Elise is located directly along the Brussels-Leuven cycling highway (F3).

Villa Elise is also easily accessible through the De Lijn bus network. Several nearby bus stops ensure efficient connections, such as stops for lines 270 (Keerbergen - Brussels), 271 (Kampenhout - Brussels), and 470 (Brussels - Haacht), all within a four-minute walk. The bus stop for line 282 (Zaventem Airport - Vilvoorde - Mechelen) is even closer.

Rural Diegem, a Gem Near Brussels

Diegem is an appealing rural municipality nestled in the heart of Flemish Brabant, just a stone's throw from Brussels, the capital of Belgium, and the political, economic, and cultural center of Europe. This proximity provides residents with easy access to employment, culture, education, and leisure.

The municipality is easily accessible through various transportation modes, including train, bus, car, and bike. Diegem is surrounded by green areas and parks, offering residents a peaceful and verdant setting. This environment allows for moments of relaxation, walks, and various outdoor activities.

Moreover, the municipality offers a variety of facilities such as schools, shops, restaurants, sports amenities, and healthcare services, all within walking distance of Villa Elise. This makes the project an ideal place for families, professionals, or singles.

In summary, Diegem offers a balanced lifestyle, where the proximity to the vibrant city of Brussels seamlessly blends with the tranquility and greenery of a charming municipality. It is an attractive destination for those seeking a comfortable life, enjoying all the benefits of both urban and rural living.

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